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Neon Meta Exchange (NEX) is an upcoming ICO on the NEO platform. It was announced in October 2017[1]. Developed by City of Zion, it offers a platform for the creation of payment solutions and decentralised exchanges on NEO. NEX is built on a new protocol developed within the NEO ecosystem. It will have a reference exchange application for easier integration with the exchanges and payment services that developers build.[2]

Token Sale

The NEX token sale is expected to take place in April 2018 though no specific date has been confirmed as yet.[3] Before the token sale begins, two lotteries will be conducted among all registered users. This is in order to select participants for the token sale.[3]

The token sale will feature two rounds of sales for fairer distribution. Round 1 of the token sale will take place in April 2018 and last approximately 1 day.[3] If all of the NEX tokens are not sold after the first round, the second round will be open to the original lottery winners. Round 2 will last for 2 additional days or until all of the NEX tokens are sold. Round 1 has a maximum contribution of $1,000 per person and round 2 has a maximum contribution of $9,000 per person.[3]

It will be open-sourced and have an MIT license. This legal framework has been developed by the NEO Council. It will allow the running of ICOs that are legally compliant.[1] The max supply is 50 million with the ICO sale amount being 25 million. The price for both rounds will be $1 per 1 NEX.[3]


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